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Superwave P8 VST Plugin

Superwave P8 VST Plugin

The Superwave P8 VST Plugin sort of looks like the control panel from a spaceship in any 80′s B-movie but don’t let it fool ya, It actually sounds great for what it is. Read more…

Synth1 VST Plugin


The Synth1 VSTi Plugin might look like absolute cheese but don’t let it fool you, In reality it’s a virtual analog synth based on the Clavia Nord Lead 2, and it can be used for anything from leads, basses, pads, strings to effects. Read more…

FM-Four VST Plugin

FM-Four VST Plugin

The FM-Four VST Plugin comes with 64 basic presets and they all sound pretty bad, to be honest with you. However, with a little tweaking you can even create quite nice dubstep-like basslines in no time (if that’s your cup o’ joe that is).

Read more…

Bleep VST Plugin – The 8-bit Synthesizer

Bleep VST Plugin

With the Bleep VST Plugin you’ll have your own 8-bit retro sound tossed in the mix in no time.

Looking like the Commodore 64 you cannot help feeling a bit nostalgic. Read more…